Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Welcome To Derrel's Photography Blog

Well,finally I've gone and done it--I've gotten myself a photography blog! "Omigosh, he's grabbed the microphone,and who KNOWS when he'll stop yakking! Waitress,another round of drinks over here,doubles,and hurry please!"
Not that I have anything to say,but this blog really is a way to share my thoughts about digital photography with a group of people whom I've met through the dPreview website fora,which have become so filled with newbies and little sandbox idiots that the signal-to-noise ratio there has become simply unbearable at times.Dufuses,Trolls, troll-calling,and one-brand zealots have made me turn to my own space, where I discuss what I want to discuss,without all the infantile remarks from dufuses and the facile.Currently I am shooting the EOS 20D and the Nikon D2x for most of my pictures, and there are things I like about each camera. Welcome to Derrel's Photography Blog. I hope I can keep you entertained.


Tim Parsley said...

Great! The forums have been boring without you. This is a wonderful idea.


BP Kev said...

Hmmm, I can hardly wait for all those lens reviews.

babe said...

Where are the pictures? If a picture speak a thousand words. Have 100 in here and you're set!
Oh silly me, this is a blog, this means you have to write/type the old fashion way to put your thoughts down :-)
Silliness aside, well done. I might just do the same.

Please lay it on Derrel ahem how about starting with the D200 when you get your hands on it :-)) No prizes for guessing where next my money is going to..