Friday, December 23, 2005

New Year's Resolutions 2006

New Year's Resolutions 2006 centers around trying new things throughout the new year. So,here goes, some resolutions for 2006. Why not join along with me and declare it resolved that I (you) will:
1. Try Silkypix, the new raw image developer from Japan. It's available as a totally free demo that so far, works flawlessly under Windows XP,and which has a very comprehensive set of image adjustment controls,all with a simple interface that's very logical. Speed is quite good, and the way the program works is just a few degreees shy of sheer end user nirvana. Do a Google search,download Silkypix in the demo version, for Windows or Macintosh, and then give it a try. You'll want to own the very,very affordable full version.
2.Learn or re-learn the behavior of at least two good prime lenses this year--beginning in January with the first prime focal length, and a second prime lens beginning in June.
3. Get rid of at least ONE piece of unused or sub-par glass.
4. Buy at least one new or pre-owned lens to replace above sold item.
5. Shoot at least one roll of film!
6. Try to learn five new Photoshop tricks that will really help overall image presentation.
7. Try one NEW type of imaging device. Examples could be,but not limited to an extension tube, a bellows,a Holga 120 camera, a lens reversing ring,a + diopter filter like the Canon 500D,a telescope or microscope adapter,a pinhole body cap for your D-SLR,a Lensbaby or better yet the newly designed Lensbaby 2.0, a bulb-type flash unit,a monolight,some type of umbrella, a soft box, a flash extender,or a flash diffuser system. Be it resolved to TRY something TOTALLY new and never-before-tried.
8. Try out some of the new self-serve photofinishing equipment that's popping up in camera stores,malls,larger grocery stores, as well as large chain stores like RiteAid,Walgreens,WalMart,Costco,and so on.Just see what's out there.
9.Who's kidding who here? Eight resolutions is enough,already.

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