Saturday, March 18, 2006

I Cannot Believe The Disappointment Over the EOS 30D

I cannot believe the disappointment over the newly announced Canon EOS 30D. Even Michael Reichman has bought into the grumbling in his PMA 2006 Summary,an article he entitled "PMA 2006 A View of The Photographic Industry from 30,000 Feet", located at
In this essay, Reichman wrote,and this is a quote, "Canon struck a false note with many of its faithful with the just-introduced 30D. Following as it has on the heels of Nikon's D200 (intentionally or not) it seems, like its name, to simply be a marketing rehash rather than a fresh competitive offering. The Canon design paradigm just feels like its getting a bit long in the tooth." end of quoted passage.
Now, I can understand that many of the Canon "faithful" are disappointed with the 30D--the Canon "faithful" probably thought that the 30D would rival the D200 in terms of megapixel count, specifications, and price/performance ratio. I can understand his comment about the Canon "faithful",many of whom are web-heads and computer-junkies-turned-photographers, so their disappointment is understandable. But what the heck is Reichman talking about when he says that, "The Canon design paradigm just feels like it is getting a bit long in the tooth."?? I simply think that's an ill-advised statement. Canon recently introduced the world's FIRST sub-$4500 full frame capture body, the EOS 5D, establishing Canon as the leader of a NEW FRONTIER. With the EOS 5D, Canon has established a new level of price/performance in D-SLR design. I mean seriously, WTF is he talking about that Canon's design paradigm is "long in the toot."? What was Canon supposed to do with its 20D follow-up model? Was the 30D supposed to be rival the 16.7 megapixels and the build quality of the EOS 1Ds Mark II for under $1500?
Canon is LEADING the world wide market in D-SLR production and sales. I simply can NOT believe the disappointment over in the Canon camp over a 30D that Reichman pejoritively describes as, "a marketing rehash rather than a fresh competitive offering." Apparently, Reichman does not feel that the EOS 30D is competitive in the marketplace. Competitve with what? The Nikon D200? The Fuji S3 Pro? The Pentax *IST line? I'm not sure how Reichman came to the conclusion that the 30D is not competitve, or that it is merely a rehash,since he has not shot the 30D. Almost nobody has. I got a look at one from a Canon rep just this week, and the 30D appears to me to be a very competitve camera compared with the Nikon D200. The difference between the 8.2 megapixels of the 30D and the 10.2 megapixels of the Nikon D200 doesn't seem to me that big an advantage for the Nikon. Admittedly, the D200 has a more professionally-oriented design paradigm underlying it (think D2x Lite), whereas the EOS 30D feels more like a mid-priced consumer D-SLR, yet STILL, the EOS 30D looks and feeels quite nice in the hand. Still, Canon's design paradigm encompasses more than just the 30D,and I do not see how Canon is "long in the tooth," especially compared with what Nikon or Pentax or Olympus has going on.
As mainly a Nikon user, I cannot believe those who express disappointment over the direction Canon is headed in early 2006. I personally think that with the 5D, Canon has hit a HOME RUN! Canon's design paradigm seems to me to be in NO WAY "long in the tooth". Canon can no longer leapfrog Nikon like they did with the 1D Mark II and the D2h....or with the full-frame EOS 1Ds trumping the Nikon D1x. Nope, even the mighty Canon has to put its pants on one giant leg at a time. And even as it does so, there are those who are not satisfied with Canon's progress toward world domination. Yeesh. it seems as if Canon must continually leapfrog all competitors,lest they be perceived to be "long in the tooth" or behind the times.
Where's my full-frame Nikon? Where's my full-frame Fuji? Where's my full frame Pentax? With Canon,one can choose between TWO, brand-new full frame models, the EOS 5D and the EOS 1Ds Mark II. Of course, there was also the first-generation full frame model from Canon, the 1Ds. Gosh, Canon has had only three iterations of full-frame D-SLR cameras! They are sooooooo behind. Very,very long in the tooth.

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