Saturday, July 08, 2006

Using Nikkor lenses on a Canon EOS 20D Body

Well, a few days ago I ordered a Nikon F-mount to Canon EF lens mount adapter.I bought it from eBay for $22.90 shipped. It arrived on the 7th,and I had the opportunity to shoot a few dozen frames over about three hours' time, using four different Nikon-made primes on a Canon-made EOS 20D body. I shot most of my tests in Av mode, which is aperture-priority automatic in Nikon-speak. The adapter was finished entirely in bright metal,with no flocking or black paint or anything. China is my guess on its country of origin.
I put up sixteen snaps I did with the Nikkor lenses on the Canon 20D body,at
Early results seemed pretty doggone good when using my 85mm,300mm,and 105mm Nikkor lenses. The jury's entirely still out on the 400mm f/3.5,which I shot for very,very few frames. The 105 DC seems to focus spot-on,and the 300/4 AF-S lens focuses very well manually,due to its long focal length and high magnification. Overall,I'm pleased with my first three-hour trial using this lens adapter. If it works as well as I hope, I think I'll acquire six or seven more, but I'll buy them from the discount retailers selling these adapters for $9.99 each.

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Sandro said...

impressive! I like the way nikon lenses draw images :) but I hate nikon bodies, so thats must be my option now!

p.s. I like the boobie shot :) very nice.