Friday, January 06, 2006

The Best Nikon D200 Review on The Web

There you go. The best Nikon D200 review on the world wide web. The D200 earns a score a 91%,and costs $1,699 (US dollars). They describe the D200 as clearly superior to the EOS 20D, and write that,"Nikon has delivered the best mid-range digital SLR yet," which is high praise,since the mid-range is where the majority of consumer interest lies in D-SLR-dom.
I looked at this site's test results,and if I wanted the BEST noise performance at higher ISO settings of 1600 and 3200,and also to a lesser extent ISO 800, I can see the EOS 5D as being _the_ camera body for the serious enthusiast or semi-pro shooter who really WANTS/NEEDS the type of clean, high-resolution images we've all been craving at 1600 and 3200 for low-light shooting without the need for raw files and painstaking Noise Reduction processing on ALL ISO 800 and 1600 or higher frames.
For half the price of an EOS 5D body, the D200 looks like a terrific bargain. For the D2x user like me however, I still can see the lure of the Fuji S3 Pro camera and the Fuji file formats and the Fuji ideas about color and highlight handling,and think the S3 might actually be the best mid-priced body to compliment a D2x-toting photographer's kit. Not that the D200 is not a fine,fine camera in its own right, but simply that at 1600 the S3 is a pretty solid imager for an F-mount camera,without a ton of massaging of the files, a la D2x at high ISOs.

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