Monday, January 09, 2006

Nikon Cafe Post of the Day

From the Nikon Cafe board, commodorefirst (Wade Dowdy) has a really excellent photo post entitled "best minute of birding in a while",locatd at
Stop by and see some lovely photos of an American kestrel hovering in mid-air,as Wade got off around 140 frames in a very,very short span of time, using his 200-400 VR Nikkor zoom lens with the fairly new Nikon 1.7x TC unit attached. Wade has some lovely,lovely motion blur effects on the bird's wingtips. This birding photo opportunity is a case for using a camera that has a decent buffer and FAST write speeds to CF storage media.
Imagine hoew pissed off Wade would have been had he encountered this rare photo opportunity and been granted 3 frames, or 7 frames, or a mere dozen frames,and then had the bird fly off. 140 captured frames means more photos,more chances,more nuance,more sales.

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