Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shoo,fly, shoo! Bzzz,bzzz,bzzz. Splat! A Message To Hackers

Shoo,fly, shoo!
Splat! (fly swatter's sound).
Manure draws a lot of flies,which do a lot of buzzing around.Flies have very little weight behind them, but their wings do beat rapidly,and flies can be quite annoying when they want to be. They have very little actual weight behind them, but once in a while they do manage to bite. Sometimes they may even draw a little bit of blood when they bite. And after a long enough period without nourishment, a fly may grow bold,and try and take on something out of his league. He may plan a bold attack, and enter a hive through an unguarded entrance.And once inside, he may flit around and create some mischief.The fly might even try and pretend he's a busy bee,in order to avoid detection. Not this time fly-you've been spotted.
Shoo fly,shoo! Head back to your cow piles.

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